Custom Swimming Pool Finishes

Swimming Pool Construction in Clayton, MO; Chesterfield, MO; St. Charles, MO & Nearby Areas


Our pool contractors are proud to offer ecoFINISH. ecoFINISH is a turn-of-the-century, eco-friendly pool finish that provides durability against outdoor elements such as UV exposure, blistering, chipping, peeling, fading, and cracking, creating a long-lasting finish. Other pool finishes simply cannot provide you this type of longevity.

Outlasting traditional finishes, ecoFINISH is a stronger, highly flexible coating that requires minimal maintenance for endless enjoyment. Any damage sustained during installation, transporting, or natural wear and tear is easily repairable and covered under a limited warranty. Heintz Pool & Spa is proud to offer ecoFINISH to pool owners throughout Marion and Carbondale, IL; Chesterfield, St. Louis, Ladue, Clayton, MO and beyond. Get in touch with our custom pool builders today to learn more about our ecoFINISH services!


In addition to ecoFINISH, our custom pool builders also offer aquaBRIGHT finishes. aquaBRIGHT is the finish of the future! It cures on contact for smooth, durable, and long-lasting designer finishes. Providing you with color uniformity, aquaBRIGHT is virtually fade-resistant, preventing your pool or spa from becoming blotchy from extended UV exposure. So choose your long-lasting color from a variety of color swatches that will match your style! You can get creative with a diverse, standard color pallet, or personalize it even more with custom color choices!

Unlike masonry finishes, this non-porous, smooth, and PH-neutral finish doesn’t allow for algae, calcium, rust, or other staining agents to stick around. This allows for a simple start-up process called “Balance and Swim,” which results in a cost-saving maintenance routine and slashes the amount of time and chemicals you would spend balancing your water. Learn more about our aquaBRIGHT finishes by contacting our pool contractors today!

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