Pool Opening & Pool Closing

Pool Contractors for Ladue, St. Louis, St. Charles, MO & Carbondale, IL

Opening and closing your pool properly for the seasons can help you reduce the maintenance and repair costs needed for your pool. Our pool contractors will assess all of your pool systems, perform a spring-cleaning, and review the condition of your pool equipment to ensure it is safe and pristine and make any necessary recommendations. Once the season is over, we offer pool closing services so that you can rest assured your pool and spa are protected from any winter damage, increasing its lifespan. We pride ourselves in being extremely detailed and attentive in protecting your investment.

Pool Opening

Heintz Pool & Spa offers pool-opening services to ensure that your outdoor retreat is a clean and safe environment to cool off during the long summer season. When summertime rolls around and you want to open and enjoy your pool, we can help. Contact our custom pool builders today to schedule your pool opening service!

Pool Closing & Winterizing

In addition to pool opening services, our pool contractors offer pool-closing services. You can trust our professionals to ensure your outdoor pool space is properly protected against the vigorous elements of the cold months to come. Get in touch with us today to schedule your seasonal pool closing!

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